Holistic Wellness​

The service being focused on ensuring the continuity of the ancient and traditional arts of wellness and therapy handed down through generations. The word healing is the channelling and re-balancing the energy points in the body. Using the therapeutic use of touch, sound and movement reduce stress and anxiety. Our activity has the following sub-centres:

Siddha Varma Kalai Massage Therapy

Folklore traces Varma Kalia to the god Shiva who is said to have taught it to his son Murugan. While disguised as an old man, Murugan passed the knowledge of 108 Varmams to the sage Agastya who then recorded it and disseminated the skill among his students. Nadars tribe believes varma kalai was given to them by Agastya . Siddha medicine is also attributed to Agastya. It combines massage, traditional yoga and martial arts in which the body’s pressure points (varmam) are manipulated to heal or cause harm.

Arunachala Sound Healing Therapy

The essence of sound for spiritual growth and all-round wellbeing is ancient. In India, the NaathYogis were the pioneers in knowing and using the therapeutic benefits of sound, light and vibrations. As per the Siddha philosophy, the therapists are not ordinary beings but are vaidyas, meaning one who is an evolved soul. They recognized the fact that through the medium of sound, even the intention, mood and positivity of the therapist is transferred to the recipient. Sound Therapy is employed to ease people of their chronic pains and discomforts.

Nattyakkalai Movement Arts Therapy

The psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration. Dance movement therapy can help people with physical health by increasing strength, improving flexibility, decreasing muscle tension, and boosting coordination. It can also offer important benefits including stress reduction and even symptom relief from conditions such as anxiety and depression. Provide the space for individuals to experience an invitation, a sense of choice and validation.