Our community outreach and social responsibility work is fostering the following three initiatives:

Massage Therapist Development Program is a scholarship based platform for bio-region villages. Student Massage Therapists to learn more about the science and craft of therapy via research and becoming a more evidence-based practitioner. This is an opportunity to not only create a positive change in our learning and growth as contributing individuals within our communities, but also for other us to create better outcomes in our practice and generational continuity of our knowledge and skills.

Nattayakalari Arts Academy seeks to guide every student to attain a level of belief, self respect, and discipline. Our goal is to provide a learning space for all students to feel joy, driven, accepted, and valued. Our centre trains to ensure a dancer can continue into a career in the dancing profession, while also being focused on to the recreational dancer that is dancing for the sheer joy it brings. We nurture every student individually and make sure their wellness is of primary consideration physically and mentally. 

We want our studio to grow, flourish, and provide every single person that walks through our doors, a little glimpse of what this amazing art form can provide for one’s life. This program introduces all dancers to the joy of movement, using traditional native martial arts philosophy. They will learn basic technical positions, stretches, music and develop a love of dance.

Siddha Learning Centre is focused on holistic wellness and yoga of adepts. A centre for holistic healing, yoga and meditation. Along with offering therapies and  classes for meditation using the energies of Divinity, the centre also offers special retreats throughout the year. Their spiritually charged room for therapy and meditation is used by a number of people looking for an alternate method for healing and attaining peace. Hatha Yoga is also taught here along with the varied meditation techniques.

Based in the lineage of Siddha Varma, using verb, verse and action. As siddha yoga practitioners, believe that the science and practice of yoga are more than just systems of creating optimal health in the physical body and but means to achieve absolute knowledge, indestructible body, mind and spirit. To ensure continuity of our Tree of traditional and ancient healing systems.

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